Inspired by Boredom

   Its been 3 months since i registered for this blog, and like many other things that i try to do… i lag. But, thanks to Jason Hacker and his other half, Clarisse, we finally have a starting point. While in transit to the land of sun, surf and beautiful women, the Baldulus and I decided to document our trip and post it for your viewing pleasure. During our 12 hour, yes 12 hour boring layover in Panama Airport we have finally made our first post. Thank you Jason and Clarisse for inviting us to share in your wedding and participate in what we hope and anticipate to be 2 of the best weeks in our lives!




So before we were able to board the plane to Panama Friday night, we ran into a couple characters….. very nice and open minded creatures indeed. The only obstacle while getting to know more about them, was not looking them in the face….. Believe it or not this one was a girl….. her name was Gina. 

ginas brother

This was Gina’s brother…

plane food

Copa Air Cuisine


Seared fruit leather bologna bacon… Mmmmm.

flying dogs

Within the 12 hour span of sitting here at Panama Int’l, we saw about 1000 hotdogs devoured by workers, locals and travellers…. So we thought we’d jump in too….and its was official….. Panama serves a pretty shitty hot dog compared to Home Depot


A distant shot, behind the glass, of yellow fever…

sleepy seahorse sweatshirt

The Sleepy Seahorse sweatshirt in full effect!

panama poster

“The Brazil Trip: Pt. 1 Panamania (Mixed Media/ Scumbling)

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