Physically back…

I landed in LAX at around 11:30 last night. I thought i might be excited to be back in beautiful, sunny California. I got home, went to bed still thinking and dreaming about my unbelievable 2 weeks of heaven and angels.  In the morning, Steep Jeep and I decided to take our beach cruisers down to the beach and get a surf, hoping to rid ourselves of our “End of Brazil Blues.” We arrived at 61st St. to find onshore, cloudy, crowded surf. After 15 minutes of contemplation, we paddled out. 20 minutes and 2 waves later, we got out and reminisced about the paradise we longed to return to. Here are some photos of our 2 week utopia that we long to return to. 


First glimpse of the Brazilian Pipeline.


First glimpse of Brazilian Angels.

Just outside our door, and just 2 blocks away.

Travel ding repair.

Leash repair.

Hacker’s Turtle Bug.

One reason to go back…

Second reason to go back…

 Reason #3.

Reason #4-12.

Biggest stadium in Southern America. (click to enlarge)

Looking down on Itacotiara. (click to enlarge)

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