Bunny Gunner Birthday!

My good friend Juan Thorp co-owns and operates (with his better half) an Bunny Gunner Art Gallery, sign/design/frame shop, art studio in downtown Pomona… If there is an art show in Pomona, Juanito is usually involved, so in my mind he pretty much runs the art scene in P-town. The Bunny Gunner Gallery/studio is having it’s first birthday this Saturday, and i was honored by his invitation to participate in the Bunny Gunner B-day art extravaganza. The theme of the show is bunnies, guns, or bunnies and guns… Seems fitting.  If you have the time i would definitely check it out. (click for flyer)

There will be over 80 artist exhibiting over 100 works, BBQ grub, cold beers, live music, and from what i hear, a really good time. Here is a sneek preview of my submission.

Hope to see you there!

U.S. Hare Force

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