Santos Surf Festival, Brazil.

In my search for a new beginning in Brazil, I came across a photographer named Jair Bortoleto. I harassed Jair with question after question via email, about work, art, and his life in brazil. Every time answering timely and sincerely. After a couple emails back and forth, he told me he checked out my website and then invited me to be apart of a new museum they planned to open in january ’09. Without hesitation I accepted the invitation and am very stoked, and honored to be apart of the II Santos Surf Art, V Santos Surf Festival. The festival will take place on January 20th at the new museum in Santos, Brazil. I will be joining a long list of surf artists, shapers, filmers, and photographers, many of which I have drawn inspiration and stimulation from. Thank you to Jair, for your kindness, your friendliness, for taking the time to help me in my search, and for including me in this amazing event.  I look forward to meeting you in person soon. Check out Jair’s “pureness in the imperfection” at


Art by Nat Russell

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