Give Love Back!

The past week was spent in San Diego at the Action Sports Retail convention.  We definitely brought the vibe… Djs, live music, fashion shows, and constant live painting, were what you would have been immersed in if you came by the E-Vocal, Glue network, Tom’s shoes booth at ASR. A lot of people cruised by, and i hope a lot of people were made aware of what the Give Love Back Campaign was all about. Here are some of the pics from ASR. Thank you to all that came down to show support and love, without you none of this would be possible.


Steve Caballero.

Enough said.


Thank you to Mr. Toombs for taking my vision and putting it into action. 

Toombs, Me, Baldulus, and Tony Mash, vibing.


Baldulus Duo.




Hair lines.



Somehow, the E-Vocal crew got a gig at a local bar called, Aubergene. We brought the sound and the visual stimulation. I ended up getting in on the festivities and decided to give love back to Mr. Evocal himself. I’m still not sure how Br3tt felt about having his face on a 4×8 piece of plywood. I actually think he “accidentally” left it in SD. Thank you Br3tt for involving me in your dream.

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