Tom’s/Active mural relocation and muralization.

A couple months ago, Br3tt, James, Baldulus and myself did some serious destruction on some panels for Tom’s shoes and the Active rideshop in Costa Mesa. The final outcome has been on display at the CAMP until Yesterday. Unfortunately, Baldulus couldn’t attend the second coming, but Br3tt, James, and I took an arsenal of muralizing weapons to Active Ride Shop Headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, and kept the Baldulus spirit alive. I am pretty sure that no one there new what was about to go down… we came in quietly, but left a massive storm of art on there walls. This will be the first of more to come, we have got our sites on a new target in the Venice area. I will update you as soon as i gather more info. Until then, enjoy these pictures of our latest “working vacation.”¬†



Br3tt and James. Lightin’ it up.


Reflections from the conference room.


Br3tt and his weapon of choice.


View from the waiting area.


It’s been brought.


Active Headquarters. 11/03/08

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