While at my parents house last night my brother came in and asked for some help taking out the brown trash can… I made fun of him when he told me there was a spider and web attached to it and he wanted me to help him. Before he could bring the flashlight out i stormed outside to do the job. I came to the trash can and looked around for the spider… i couldn’t see anything. Laughing to myself i grabbed the can and l asked my brother where the spider was. There, he replied as he flashed the spider with light. Just a foot above my head was a gigantic spider. HOLY SHIT! Not joking when i say it was probably 2 inches long when all scrunched up! The fourth photo down is probably just about life size… If you’re not into spiders, be cautious as you scroll down the page. The photos get a little more detailed towards the bottom.



Yes… those are fangs.

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