Before i went to Brasil, GrifFIN and i talked about shaping up a board based off of the old Aipa stinger. It wasn’t able to accompany me on my trip, but i got it glassed as soon as i got back. Not patient enough to wait and paint it, Grif and i took it out the day it came out of Clearwater. We scored head high, slightly textured, HB, with no one out… and let me tell you this board is by far my favorite board i have. Everyone should have a Stingley in there quiver! A couple of my friends have ridden it and they all have the same reaction… Dude! That board is really fun… I’m gonna have to try it again. So, if you want a little dibble dabble on the Stingle fin, let’s go for a sesh. If you want your own Stingley, then i know the man who can shape ’em!  Check it out!


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