I was at a $1 record store blowout sale with my cousin about a month ago.  He was on a mission to find anything and everything Joe Pass.  I had never heard of Joe Pass, but my cousin being the guitar wiz always has is eye, or ear in this case, on guitar virtuosos.  He picked up a couple that day with my help of course (you’re welcome for that Ella featuring Joe Pass cousin).  Fast forward to this past weekend.  I was out digging through records at an estate sale warehouse when I came across this Joe Pass record.  I personally had still never heard any of Joe’s music but for $2 I couldn’t pass up the chance.  Plus it was in pretty good condition.  When I got home it was the first record I threw on (I bought about 15 records for a whopping $25).  The record blew me away, and now I know why my cousin is on the hunt for Joe Pass.  Turns out it is a fairly rare set/record.  It has even been sampled.  Thanks Cousin!  Side A is mostly Joe Pass penned instrumentals with a couple covers.  Side B is all new tracks penned by Irwin Rosman.  The sound is pretty  much all over the place.  Here is a cover off of side A that really caught my attention.  Enjoy!

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