Last week I wrote that I picked up Dr. John’s single “Right Place Wrong Time” on 45.  So it breaks my heart to say that while I was cleaning this record, I discovered that it is cracked.  I tried to play it anyways in hopeless desperation to no avail.  After sulking around the house for about 10 minutes, I took the gift card good ole grandpops gave me for my birthday that I have been saving for just an occasion, and made the trek to the record store.  There are two stores that I frequent often, one is run by an old jazz artist and he carries almost exclusively used vinyl, including a large selection of Brazilian MPB and Bossanova.  I go there if I want a music lesson.  I can spit out just about any vibe I am going for………. blues with a some horns and a funky drum beat and bammm, Joe will play something that will just blow my mind, and tell me who plays what, and he played with that guy and this guy and he is a beast, etc.  I love this place but I will be there for hours and not what I was looking for in my glass case of emotion.  The other has a great selection of new sealed vinyl and I heard one of Dr. Johns newer albums lately and was intrigued.  So I decided to go to the latter and low and behold there were multiple copes of the record I was looking for.  Thanks grandpa!  Turns out this album “Locked Down” was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.  It came out in 2012 and won a Grammy for blues album of the year.  This album is a monster.  I like to think I am fairly up to date on newer music, at least I was in 2012, especially if it was Black Keys related which I was a huge fan back then (still am).  I can’t believe I missed this one.  Lets just say my tears dried up pretty quickly once I rocked this album in my car on the way home (vinyl came with a CD).  Dr. John was and still is a giant.  My only regret is that I didn’t discover this sooner and will never be able to see this set live.

After the Dr. John purchase there was still a small hole in my vinyllyfound heart, which I just filled minutes ago.  There are a couple Brazilian albums that are top of the list ridiculously incredible ear candy.  I don’t usually buy reissues but these are older albums and the chances of my finding these Brazilian albums at a garage/estate sale are slim.  Even Joe can’t find these.  I have been watching on ebay but I don’t want to spending the $70+ price tag these are going for.  So I broke down and bought the reissues which are exclusively from Brazil.  I haven’t seen these, even the reissues, for this cheap so I had to pull the trigger.  They are on shipment from Brazil so I will not see these for a month or so.  The first, Jorge Ben’s Africa Brasil has been on my list of top albums for years.  He is my favorite most versatile Brazilian artist and I am overjoyed I will finally have this on vinyl, even if it is a reissue.  The album contains a track, that if you are ever at a Brazilian party, which I usually am, and you play this track, everyone in the party will just about lose their mind.  This is an anthem for sure.  Theostyle had the pleasure of seeing him live in Rio De Janiero a few years back, so ask him if you have any doubts to the greatness.  The second, Jards Macale, I just discovered a few months ago.  I would never find this record here, it is rare even in Brazil.  I need to become more acquainted with his catalog but this particular album was my most recent mind blow.  It sounds like a three piece jam sesh.  This is the recipe for simple but profound.  I am digging the trifecta song posts.  Enjoy!


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