Lets Play

This is a follow up to the last vinyl post so I will keep it sweet.  The vinyls I ordered from Brazil came yesterday, much faster than expected and I couldn’t wait to rush home from work to throw them on.  The Jards Macale self titled is just incredible.  Let’s Play That gave me goose bumps when it came on.  I love the way he screams out lapiz (which is pencil in portguese), then sings the chorus (Let’s Play That in english), it progressively becomes more incomprehensible as the chorus evolves and just becomes noise basically.  Then bam!, the song breaks into this unbelievable jam.  I was walking around my house like a chicken looking for feed.

I also threw on the Jorge Ben album.  My mother in law was rocking out in the kitchen and kept say valeu Jay!  When Xica Da Silva came on she told me how she has been to the house where Xica Da Silva lived.  Xica Da Silva was a Brazilian slave born in the 18th century that became rich and powerful.  She is legendary in Brazil.  So besides being a ridiculous jam, the song has song some inspirational significance, which is appropriate for the Africa Brasil title.

These are my two favorite Brazilian albums.  Enjoy!


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