Funky Summertime

I have been finding some pretty ridiculous records at garage sales week in and week out, this weekend being no different.  I don’t even remember the last time I came home empty handed.  Most of the time I am bringing home classic rock, and while I do enjoy Pink Floyd, I don’t need 4 copies of The Wall (which I have).  Nowadays I get really excited when I see some jazz or soul or funk records which my collection is seriously lacking.  Even better when I find some soul jazz, jazzy funk, or as I like to say, so fuzz.  I showed up around 7:30 at a garage sale that started at 8 in Capo Beach.  I should have arrived around 7:15 but sort of lost my way daydreaming of the Eugene McDaniels records I was going to find.  When I pulled up there were already a few people digging through boxes and the owner said the garage sale started a while ago.  My heart raced, oh no, its all gone.  But to my delight there they were, 4 boxes of records glimmering in the morning sun.  As I started to flip through the records, a cool ocean breeze ran through my hair.  How much are the records I asked, $3 the owner replied, it was on.  I was taking my sweet time and found a couple blue note labels, which is a really sought after jazz label, including Herbie Hancock who is one of my favorites.  Just then I saw Barney come walking up the driveway.  I met Barney a few months back, he has a booth at the OC fairgrounds and sells all kinds of stuff including records.  He is local to the area and I have seen him at a few garage sales.  So I started to go through the records faster but he is just too fast.  I found this Solar Plexus record (that I posted below) that the cover immediately drew me in.  I asked the owner what it was and she explained it had some Brazilian rhythms and this and that.  Honestly she had me at Brazilian so I grabbed that one and continued my search.

Not sure if its a habit, jealousy or what but I always watch what records other people are flipping through next to me.  I saw Barney pull out Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly, my head sank, I have wanted that record for a while and I can just imagine all the good ones are now gone.  I politely let Barney finish going through the other boxes so I could move on to the remaining 3 boxes.  To my delight, there was a goldmine of jazz that he didn’t grab.  Oh Barney.  I made out like a bandit and seriously uped my jazz collection, 10 records in all.  A few blue note labels and some other stuff I have never heard of.  Turns out the stuff I never heard was actually pretty rare, which I guess is why I never heard of it.  Including a Walter Bishop Album, who played with Charlie Parker back in the 50s.  It was a white label promo on the Black Jazz label, which is a pretty obscure label, so I couldn’t pass it up.  He does a nice version of summertime which has been covered by artists from Billie Holiday to Sublime.  It is definitely so fuzz.

The best part about the whole experience last weekend is when Barney said, so I’ll give you $12 for all of this and the owner was like, $3 a record plus this belt, that will be $60.  Even the Andy Williams records, yes especially those.  Hahaha, what a hoot.  Barney proceeded to put back the ABBA records he was holding.  I then went up to the owner, who we had a nice conversation about a few of the records, and counted my records for her, 10 total.  I said, so $30 then, and she replied $25 will do, because……, well just because.  Deal!  Moral of the story, don’t be such a Barney, Barney.

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