Life on Mars?

Today, the sun rose on a new era, one a little less creative, less daring, less provocative. The goblin king of rock and roll, has left a trail of wonder and surprises for each and every one of us.  It is you who must decide as he has already chosen.  I first opened the door during my post youth renaissance, at the university of higher education.  Familiar with the neon flare and abrasive persona, I was awaken from my ignorance by the absolute brilliance of Young Americans.  I can still remember the room, two mattress laid side by side, the smell of fried rocky mountain oysters Trev brought back from his trip to Colorado whifting in from the kitchen.  Frantically hunched over my computer downloading anything and everything I could from Napster.  Bam bam bada bam bada dadada and then the sax just hits.  A voice crept from under the desk, like the sound of a magician showing his best card trick.  The voice of angels as he tips his hat, doves flying in every direction, I am covered in feathers.  I looked around to see if anyone else was hearing this.  Pauly was passed out on the couch dreaming of never ending Brazilian beaches.

I grew up on street hockey and cheerios, Corey Haim and penguin shirts.  Nirvana was taking over the world and I was in the backseat.  Experiencing something for the first time is magical, but experiencing it for a second time and completely understanding it is truly beautiful.  The Man Who Sold the World for me was a haunting and organic few minutes.  You could feel the energy pulsing with every guitar lick, every maraca shake, voices wobbling together and floating through time.  As with each moment, peaks its head, and slips away.  If you are lucky, you will rediscover that moment, with a completely new interpretation, in an entirely new language.  A great artist may have left us, but Ziggy Stardust lives on. RIP


One Response to “Life on Mars?”

  1. tjtoffolo Says:

    Sooooo divine. RIP my starman.

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