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The life of a saint, A Soulful Christmas

December 25, 2015

Let me start out by disclaiming that this in not a history piece on any saints, nor am I referring to myself as such.  I do believe that I was a very good boy this year, and being Christmas and all, I felt the title to be appropriate.  I have to say, I think Santa Claus will agree with my judgement, and he must have swung by southern California early this year.  I don’t have a chimney in my garage so he must have came through the dryer vent.

Last weekend, I bought a few boxes of records from a gentleman who was moving and was looking to offload them.  Of course I happily obliged.  I chalked it up to an early Christmas present to myself.  I did flip through the records enough to know in general, the type of music I was buying, and the condition of the vinyl.  It was mostly jazz with some classic rock scattered here and there.  So you could believe my surprise when late last night, as I was wrapping up the assessment of last weekends endeavor, I came across James Brown’s A Soulful Christmas sandwiched between an Elton John and Seals and Croft record.  If someone asked me last week, if I could have any Christmas record I wanted, what would it be?  James Brown A Soulful Christmas.  Thanks Santa!!



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