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A new era

August 18, 2015

We have had our hands full over here at vinyllyfound, be it constructing mural masterpieces or human masterpieces.  We did make time to grab a couple vinyl gems in the last month as always.

The first outing was a response to a craigslist ad.  What drew me in was the picture featuring the black with red, green and yellow stripe Brunswick label 45.  We have recently discovered Barbara Acklin who has released some solid soul 45s on the Brunswick label.  Usually where there is smoke there is fire so I figured why not.  I decided to respond to the ad and make the half hour trek to Fullerton on my lunch break.  When I arrived I met a nice lady named Gabby who was watching a cartoon the tele, which she paused to answer the door.  She was selling multiple items on Craigslist so I had to explain who I was and I was there for the records when she answered the door.  I had been in touch with her earlier in the week so she knew who I was.  She happily let me in and told me to take a seat on her brown pleather couch while she grabbed the records.  It took her about 15 minutes to find the records which I thought was odd since she posted the ad with pictures just a few days earlier.  I was getting a little anxious and continuously checking the time.  My lunch break was quickly passing by.  I watched her walk back in forth in front of the paused cartoon on the tele 3 times as she checked the garage, the closet, then garage again for the records.  She eventually came out with a stack of LPs and 45s.  We chatted a bit while I was flipping through the records.  She was studying in the veterinary sciences and the records had been given to her by a DJ friend who moved out of the area last year.  The LPs were fairly disappointing but I grabbed a couple in typical fashion that I thought had some promise (Polydor labels and covers with afros).  There were over 100 45s, all really clean, the first of which I saw was 4 purple Sharon Jones and the Daptones singles.  The Budos Band, who is some serious Afrodub are also on the Daptone label, so my spirits were up.  As I continued to flip through there was some Toots and Maytalls, Parliament, and even a record by Tony Bizarro and Robson Jorge from Sao Paulo Brazil.  Any of you who have followed us here at vinyllyfound know that Brazilian music is a must have.  So I started setting aside anything that looked interesting.  There was a plethora of reggae, soul, electro and everything in between that I have never heard of.  Before I knew it I had over 50 45s set aside.  When I was done I asked Gabby how much she wanted.  As I closed my eyes and braced myself for the carnage comfortable seated in Gabby’s pleather couch in downtown Fullerton, she told me to just take them free of charge.  The records have been taking space in her garage and that I was doing her a favor.  I couldn’t believe it.  She couldn’t even find them minutes earlier, how intrusive could they have been.  My eyes opened and I took a deep breath.  I thanked her, grabbed my newly acquired stash and rushed out, half because I took a really long lunch break, half because I didn’t want her to change her mind.

Some highlights that we have listened so far are The Detroit Sex Machines, The Mighty Dogcatchers, and the discovery of the expedition, Asha Puthli’s cover of J.J. Cale’s Right Down Here.  We say this not because this is the best track we picked up, it is really really good, or that J.J. Cale wrote the song, who is a personal favorite here at vinyllyfound, but because it opens the door to a whole new genre.  She reminds us of David Byrne on this track.  We will let you take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think.  All in all this was a huge trove of treasures to add to our 45 collection.

The second outing was last Saturday at San Juan Record man’s, or Jeff as we like to call him, biannual sale.  I didn’t know if I was going to make it.  My wife and I had just brought baby J from the hospital the night before and I was itching to stretch my legs.  The powers that be were kind enough grant me three wishes, a shower, a few hours sleep, and a 4 hour pass to dig through records.  After changing a dirty diaper and rocking baby J to sleep I made my way to Jeff’s garage.  Jeff doesn’t buy individual records, but whole collections, keeps what he wants, then sells the rest at his biannual sales.  I showed up at Jeff’s an hour after opening and there were already a handful of people with huge stacks of records.  Jeff had about six thousand records for sale, and the prices are insane.  I paid $60 for 42 jazz, psych, reggae, rock, fusion and blues pleasure bombs.  One in particular that I had seen his name thrown around, I have never listened to and want to share with you is Gabor Szabo.  Gabor is a Hungarian jazz guitarist that went to the Berklee school of music in Boston in the 50s.  I picked up his 1966 Impulse release, Jazz Raga.  On this album Gabor mixes his amplified guitar with Indian sitar to create a psychedelic jazz sound like I have never experienced.  Some of these tracks could have came straight off of a Velvet Underground album.  For a dollar this was a huge score.  All in all I was at Jeff’s for the full 4 hours my hall pass permitted and still didn’t get through all the records.

We would like to thank Gabby, Jeff, and the genie in the bottle for the epic August record scores.  Shoutout to Johnny B, aka Baldulus, aka Jetty at for his bday last week.  Parabens!!  We got a couple records for you my man.  If you are a Southern California native and are interested in Jeff’s biannual record blowout reach out to us and we will get you on the VIP list.  Enjoy the Indian themed cuts courtesy of vinyllyfound, where our mission is to bring good music to the people.

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