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Double Dutch Bus

October 13, 2016

The tour de wax on the Double Dutch bus was in full effect last month.  In between the red light district and the Heinekin Experience, we made time to scour the lands high and low for some Dutch gems.  First stop, Rotterdam.  Highs were definitely Vinyl Spot and Plaatboef.  Just hit up Nieuwe Binnenweg and you will find a plethora of shops or Coolsingel on a Tuesday afternoon for a flea market binge.  If I could go back to one spot it would be Vinyl Spot.  The prices were reasonable, the selection was incredible, and the gent behind the counter was pulling out records for my sampling pleasure.  I wish I had hit this first, but on the way I had wandered into Plaatboef (on Nieuwe Binnenweg across from Demonfuzz).  I did manage to pick up a Supersister comp from Vinly Spot which was deliteful.  Plaatboef, where 90% of my funds were spent, did have an immense selection and the inhabitants were helpful.  But they were vastly overpriced.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize this until after I dropped a pretty penny.  They did have 2 of the Hans Dulfer records that I was on the hunt for (and 1 I wasn’t).  These were basically my I gotta find these records, and at my first store no less, so I can’t complain.  The guy there mentioned the store has been around forever and Hans used to come in there to buy records.  Was he pulling my chain, possibly.  The Rotterdam low was definitely Songs for Sale.  The selection was bismal, think dollar bin records on the wall, and when I asked if he had any Bintang records, he just said “Those are rare, you won’t find those”.  Is this not a record store, which depending on your taste was debateable.

Having blown most of my load in Rotterdam, and most of my space for the return flight home, I had to be very selective in Amsterdam.  I hit up a lot of stores but none were carrying the Perquisite record I was dying to get, which was the next in line on my list.  The Amsterdam highs were Waxwell Records, Distortion Records and Homesick Records.  Waxwell had a really nice selection and the old guy there was really helpful.  They had a nice Terry Callier record on the wall that I have always wanted but $125 Euro was outta my range so I passed, downside is the guy didn’t even know who Perquisite was.  Distortion Records had piles upon piles of records that were calling my name.  Literally, stacked to the ceiling.  I really wanted to browse but was with my son, so I just asked if he had Perquisite which he didn’t, and bounced.  He at least knew who Perquisite was.  Lastly was Homesick records. This place didn’t even come up when I searched for record stores in Amsterdam on google.  I discovered this place the day before I left, and it was a block away from the apartment I was renting, so I walked right by it.  Turns out I could see the store front from my window, go figure.  They did not carry newer records so no Perquisite, but they did have a playable (looked beat but plays great) copy of the Bintangs first album.  In your face Songs for Sale.  The guy was pretty knowledgable and the prices were fair (Selling Hans Dulfer Candy Clouds for  25% less than what I paid in Rotterdam).  Amsterdam low for me was definitely Indeep’n’dance Records which only carried records they pressed, as they were also a label.  I missed out on Rush Hour Records which was recommended but just couldn’t make the time (although I contacted ahead of time and no Perquisite so not too bummed).

All in all a pretty good tip on the vinyl front.  In total, 3 Hans Dulfer albums, Bintangs debut, Dutch Reissue of Focus first album (still 2 years before first US press), Supersister comp, and a bunch of other crap I rolled the dice on at the flea market (stick with the stores if your Dutchery is soft like mine was).  No Perquisite but I will be on the lookout, gotta love the internet.  Enjoy a couple of my favorite Hans Dulfer tracks with Ritmo Natural, including a scorcher featuring Jan Akkerman from Focus, think the Dutch Page.  And a blues number from the Bintangs.  Apparently these guys are still touring to this day.  Sorry no Perquisite, soon I hope.

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