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The Doctor is in

April 15, 2015

So as you all probably know by now, we pick up records over here at vinylly found quite often.  We usually buy LPs but recently we started dabbling in 45s.  As came our fascination with soul/funk, the next obvious step was 45s as a lot of the great tracks were only pressed on 45s.  Our 45 collection primary focus is on soul/funk.  I saw a post on craigslist earlier this week with 250 singles for sale.  I don’t want to give specifics but lets just say they were attractively priced.  Now usually I would ignore a post like this but there was a picture of the Dr. John single, “Right Place Wrong Time”.  Now for you people out there not familiar with Dr. John, his music is unique indeed.  It is a mixture of New Orleans soul/funk/jazz.  Dr. John, probably more than anyone, is the artist that I discovered when I started collecting vinyl, that if I had only a handful of albums and I was stranded on a desert island, that I would want with me.  I have a few Dr. John albums that I deem essential in my collection, but this particular album containing this single has eluded me.  Which is very surprising considering this is probably the biggest single of his career.  It features the Meters as the back up band.  I posted a couple months ago about our Meters first LP find.  These guys are considered one of the originators of funk music.  I have another Dr. John album, Destively Bonnaroo that is just epic, which also features the Meters.  Also, in the collection is The Sun, Moon & Herbs featuring Eric Clapton on slide guitar and Mick Jagger on back up vocals.  I can’t tell you how amazing this album is.

Back to the topic at hand.  Lets just say I had to go check out these 45s.  It was an odd and pleasant experience.  I pulled up to the house and the record owner’s son was outside and started questioning why I parked in front of his house and if I lived in the area as soon as I stepped out of my car.  I responded with a prompt no and asked what the address was in which he gave me a totally false address.  I checked the number on the curb and said “Um I think this is the address I am looking for”.  I explained I was there for the records and he immediately became very pleasant and walked me into the house where I meant an extremely nice man.  He helped me go through the 45s and pulled out ones he thought I would want after I explained what I was looking for.  For the most part the records were pretty beat up.  Some were caked in mud, others all scratched up.  I thought this is where I would find something epic.  I never came across any holy grails but I did walk out with a few gems and I rolled the dice on many of these.  With no covers and some with no years on the vinyl lable, it is hard to tell what you are looking at.  I picked up Dr. John, James Brown, The J.B.’s, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin among others.  Here are few of the tracks I picked up for your listening pleasure.

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