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The aftermath

March 9, 2015

What an absurdly beautiful day today at the Saddleback vintage market.  We would like to give thanks to everyone for coming out and all the love given to Theostyle’s art and Vinylly Found.  Especially Jeff, Eric, Doc, Denise, Chris and fam, Mat and his lady, even the European guy that was haggling over a dollar record.  The records were torn through upside down and inside out but hopefully they received great homes.

March Saddleback 1 March Saddleback 2 March Saddleback 3

Next on the schedule is the Yucaipa arts festival, the weekend of May 2nd.  Details to be posted in the near future.  We are going to need a few months to rebuild the collection back up.  Until the meantime I would like to dedicate this track to Jeff from San Clemente for suggesting I play this album today, Claudia from Rancho who bought the album (and many others), and the gentlemen who straight up thanked me for playing this song, “real music”, at our booth.  This was by far the the track/album of the day.  Enjoy!

Heise is in the house

March 7, 2015

I just heard the good news.  The stars have aligned.  2 founding members of the underground Los Angeles based cult band Heise are going to be at the Vinylly Found booth on Sunday.  Heise earned a reputation in the early 2000’s for their on stage theatrics and lengthy jams.  I was there at a few of their shows back in the day and was witness to the magic.  In my opinion they were ahead of their time, but unfortunately were never able to break.  Sadly, they were short lived and never released any material.  I hear rumors of their resurgence every now and again but nothing.  Fortunately, I kept a rough cut of one of their songs “1982” I got my hands on a few years back.  I am excited to share this with everyone.  Don’t miss your chance to meet these cult legends.  I am feeling a reunion is in the works.  My fingers are crossed.  Enjoy!

Vinylly Found is bringing the beef

March 5, 2015

There is nothing like a bbq with good friends and good music on a Sunday afternoon in sunny southern California, and Vinylly Found will be bringing the beef.  Check out this gem from Captain Beefheart and his magic band (not credited on this album).  You won’t find this kind of magic in old town Las Vegas.

Vinylly Found Track of the day

March 4, 2015

Here ye! Here ye!  Vinylly Found brings you the track of the day.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the opening track from Impact All Stars limited UK 1998 press Forward the Bass – Dub from Randy’s 1972 – 1975.  We will have this LP on hand this Sunday at Saddleback college in Mission Viejo, CA.  You will not find this on vinyl for sale anywhere in the States.  I dare you!

Here is an update on the link to the artwork Theostyle will be auctioning off on Sunday.  Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday as we post pictures while the piece develops. Click on the link below or search for Vinylly Found on ebay.  Cheers!

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