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September 2, 2015

Last week was one to celebrate, my son turned 2 weeks, Kaizinho wrapped up his birthday month (lots more bud) and we scored some hard to find vinyl.  I responded to an ad on craigslist which read Laguna Beach, Hendrix, Beatles, Dylan and more, $2-$4 each.  How could I pass that up.  I was a bit early to the party so I rolled up my slacks and drenched my feet in the pristine Laguna waters to cool off from the scorching sun.  I dusted off the wet sand then proceeded to a yellow cottage charmed by the evaporated sea salt from the ocean two blocks away.  I pulled out some Hendrix, Nina Simone, and the score of the day Serge Gainsbourg.  We have been on the hunt for some of Serge’s French ear candy but have come up fruitless.  I was surprised to find this particular album, as the album’s single was banned from radio play in Spain, Brazil, the UK, Italy, Poland, Portugal and San Francisco (in 1969 no less).  A shipment was seized and burned on route to Sweden, even the Vatican got in on the game denouncing the track.  The title Je t’aime… moi non plus (I love you… me neither) was inspired by a Salvador Dali comment “Picasso is Spanish, me too.  Picasso is a genius, me too.  Picasso is a communist, me neither”.  The lyrics are written as a dialogue between two lovers during sex. There was so much heaving breathing between Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin that speculation arose that they had recorded live sex.  We will let you decide for yourself.  As an added plus we also picked up The Young Rascals 3rd and final album Groovin’ which is sure to put a smile on Theostyles face.

I was out on a Sunday afternoon drive when I flipped on KCRW, which has been my go to as of late.  I heard the sound of Brazilian rhythm and immediately recognized the sweet voice of Jorge Ben Jorge.  I busted out a permagrin and shazaamed the track.  My smile grew into gittiness when I saw that we had the album in our vinyllyfound collection which obviously hasn’t gotten enough play.  10 anos depois is a sort of best of album, celebrating Jorge Ben’s 10 years of brilliance at the time (1973).  What is unique about this album, and why I love Jorge Ben, is that all the songs are Medleys.  I mean, who does that.  In this particular track he is singing about a seller of bananas.  Boa Jorge, Boa.  So bust out the hot pants, crank up the stereo and frolic through the sprinklers, because well, you deserve it.

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