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Shout out!

September 11, 2015

From time to time we throw on an episode of crate diggers or some related content on youtube for a little bedtime viewing.  Lets just call it R&D.  I know what you are asking yourself and the answer is yes.  If you are not familiar with the structure, basically a DJ or a famous collector is interviewed and he (I have yet to see a female) will talk about how they started, best finds or other stories, and they also play a few tracks from their collections.  It is reaffirming that we truly are pulling in some gems when an album or track in our collection is mentioned. I say this because the music is stuff you wouldn’t hear on KIIS FM.  So whether it be Cut Chemist’s first holy grail, Egon bringing the funk 45s to J Dilla’s hospital bedside, or Madlib twisting arms for rights to Quasimoto samples, we got you covered.


Vinylly Found It!!!!

March 6, 2015

The vinyl gods were with us today as we picked up a really nice original pressing of The Meters self titled debut.  I just put this on my wish list last week and what do you know, Bam!  It was practically screaming my name.  Take me please, play me, I beg you.  It was an afternoon to remember at a nice little estate sale warehouse where I picked up this classic along with some JB, Nina Simone, Al Green, Roy Ayers Ubiquity and more.  To celebrate, treat your ears to the first track off the album while I go and spin this on my Rega.  Cheers!

meters frontmeters backmeters vinyl

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