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Shout out!

September 11, 2015

From time to time we throw on an episode of crate diggers or some related content on youtube for a little bedtime viewing.  Lets just call it R&D.  I know what you are asking yourself and the answer is yes.  If you are not familiar with the structure, basically a DJ or a famous collector is interviewed and he (I have yet to see a female) will talk about how they started, best finds or other stories, and they also play a few tracks from their collections.  It is reaffirming that we truly are pulling in some gems when an album or track in our collection is mentioned. I say this because the music is stuff you wouldn’t hear on KIIS FM.  So whether it be Cut Chemist’s first holy grail, Egon bringing the funk 45s to J Dilla’s hospital bedside, or Madlib twisting arms for rights to Quasimoto samples, we got you covered.

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