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The Cover Up

October 26, 2016

The cover up is a phrase DJs coined back in the day when one would cover up the label of a record they were spinning so nobody would know the track.  Some would go so far to put a different label on the record to fool the peeping Toms.  The power of the DJ back then was their rich knowledge of music, before the age of the internet, shazaam, spotify and the rest of it.

We were asked to DJ an art show the past weekend and this phrase immediately came to mind.  Of course, we were not covering up any records during the sesh, they were there for all to enjoy, sonically as well as visually.  That was half of the appeal and we were immediately labeled DJ Vinyl.  In a world of digital media, a DJ spinning physical records is a dinasaur, a display at a museum, to be seen for the small price of admission.  Unless of course you are Cut Chemist, in which we would gladly pay the price of admission, and have.  Needless to say, we ran with it.  We did throw a track on the ol’ Ipad and for the sake of argument lets just call it our cover up.  For any of you following along you can probably already guess what this was from our crazed obsessed rant from the previous post.  I mean the music is so damn good, how could I not play it, even if only digitally.  And the response was, what the hell is that?!  Well, we finally found it on vinyl and ordered it today from a record store in Japan.  The website was in mostly Japanese so not the easiest thing I have ever done.  So without further ado, the short but sweet opening track from Dutch DJ Perquisite’s debut EP, Outta Nowhere, featuring Benjamin Herman on sax.

We have been on such a binge to find more, new, different records that we never stop and enjoy the treasures that we have amassed.  And a large treasure it is indeed.  The beautiful thing about DJing last weekend is that we have been tearing through the collection to find stuff to play.  We have listened to just about every record in the collex, but most haven’t had the quality ear time they deserve.  So here are a couple tracks (re)discovered in the last few days that are bound to be displayed at the next event.  The poet and the beat.  No vinyl cover ups here.

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