Back in Brazil!

Sorry for the absence from the blog posts. I arrived in Sao Paulo on Monday and have been having an amazing time. I have already met life long friends and haven’t been getting much sleep, due to never wanting the fun to end. Unfortunately i have misplaced or lost my camera… so all the photos i had to share have been lost as well. I did bring an additional camera so you won’t be missing out on what else the trip has to offer.

The first day i was here, it was extremely hot but absolutely beautiful. The rest of the time it has been raining on and off and relatively windy. The waves have been crossed up because of the winds, but you can definitely see a potential for a lines up trestles like wave… I am trying to get a ride to another spot tomorrow with my new found friends, where they say the water is clear and the waves are hollow. I think its worth a try. This photo is of the whole bay of santos. on the very right you can see the museum, almost done with construction. Jair and i, with the help of others, plan to move and mount all the artwork in the museum tomorrow. There is soo much artwork at his house its unbelievable. Sunday will be the opening and i know it will be a huge success.



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