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Jimi Twin

April 1, 2013


One of the first boards I shaped.  It was made it for Brasil. I almost didn’t come back.  Jimi is still there. Ripping.

The T shirts are coming!

November 22, 2012

The Tshirts are coming! The Tshirts are coming!


Never Lose Your Soul

March 5, 2009

“Soul Man,” was one of two comics strips that were on display at the Santos Surf Art Festival, created by Mr. Mark Sutherland.  I have always been into comic book art, animation and illustration,  and after looking back on the photos of my Brasil trip, i am so stoked i took these photos. Inspired by Sutho, I have made it a personal goal of mine to create and illustrate my own stories. Thank you, Mark Sutherland for your inspiration and motivation.



Ahh muleque!

March 2, 2009

Whats up! I’ve been back from Brasil for a couple weeks, and i apologize for not updating my blog. Brasil was an amazing trip… I made some new friends, found some new inspiration, and am excited to get back in the groove. Check back to see some of the photos of our adventures. Starring:

paulcocoMeu irmão, Paul.

jessieclownMeu noivo, Jessie.

praihnaAnd meu.


Back in Brazil!

January 23, 2009

Sorry for the absence from the blog posts. I arrived in Sao Paulo on Monday and have been having an amazing time. I have already met life long friends and haven’t been getting much sleep, due to never wanting the fun to end. Unfortunately i have misplaced or lost my camera… so all the photos i had to share have been lost as well. I did bring an additional camera so you won’t be missing out on what else the trip has to offer.

The first day i was here, it was extremely hot but absolutely beautiful. The rest of the time it has been raining on and off and relatively windy. The waves have been crossed up because of the winds, but you can definitely see a potential for a lines up trestles like wave… I am trying to get a ride to another spot tomorrow with my new found friends, where they say the water is clear and the waves are hollow. I think its worth a try. This photo is of the whole bay of santos. on the very right you can see the museum, almost done with construction. Jair and i, with the help of others, plan to move and mount all the artwork in the museum tomorrow. There is soo much artwork at his house its unbelievable. Sunday will be the opening and i know it will be a huge success.



Surf Santos

December 2, 2008

Here is the piece i will have at the Surf Santos Festival… Aprecíe.


Acrylic on wood panel. 19×24

Brazil, Brazil…

October 16, 2008

Thank you to all those who came out to the Back 2 Brazil show at eVocal last Sunday. It turned out to be a great time with some great people. Here are some photos taken from with the camera of Mrs. Brazil herself… Obrigado Clarisse!

2 real life Brazilian angels.

Itiapava in California!

Full house.


Guests of honor, and Ronaldihno.

Tiago… Rippin’ it.

Ilha grande.

Brazilian cerveja love.

Back 2 Brazil!!!!!

October 9, 2008

Here are your plans for this Sunday funday.  Be at EVocal between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. Bring your party hat, your samba shoes, and your best portuguese… because EVocal goes to Brazil!Copy and paste it… everywhere!

I Santos Surfart 2008

August 29, 2008

Here is a look at what happened last year at the Santos Surfart Festival.  There is a possibility that i will be doing a live painting during the week long festivities, Stoked! Check out the video and the blog.

[Santos+Surfart+flyer+front.JPG]Click for blog.

Santos Surf Festival, Brazil.

August 19, 2008

In my search for a new beginning in Brazil, I came across a photographer named Jair Bortoleto. I harassed Jair with question after question via email, about work, art, and his life in brazil. Every time answering timely and sincerely. After a couple emails back and forth, he told me he checked out my website and then invited me to be apart of a new museum they planned to open in january ’09. Without hesitation I accepted the invitation and am very stoked, and honored to be apart of the II Santos Surf Art, V Santos Surf Festival. The festival will take place on January 20th at the new museum in Santos, Brazil. I will be joining a long list of surf artists, shapers, filmers, and photographers, many of which I have drawn inspiration and stimulation from. Thank you to Jair, for your kindness, your friendliness, for taking the time to help me in my search, and for including me in this amazing event.  I look forward to meeting you in person soon. Check out Jair’s “pureness in the imperfection” at


Art by Nat Russell

Most overlooked… But most beautiful.

August 15, 2008

I saw this randomly online at lunch… Been there, done that, and going to return. Yeah, I”m talking about Brazil again. See what Surfline has to say about it. Click here for story and photos.

Yeah i fell… but where were you? Chris and I were in Brazil, and scoring!

The Jimi Twin.

August 5, 2008

For those of you who don’t know… I relocated my studio to the cool bluffs of Costa Mesa. Since moving there i have taken a stab at shaping surfboards. Let me tell you… there is nothing like drinking a couple of brews and plowing down some foam. Here are some photos of the newest addition to my boardfolio, pre-glass. The first Jimi Twin was shaped by Abandund shaping extrordanair, Bryan Berlin. The lastest Jimi Twin was shaped by my own two hands, with the vocal guidance from Bryan. Pretty stoked on the outcome, both shape and paint!


It might look like a MR Super Twin…

But after a little bit of paint pushin’

It’s definitely a Jimi Twin.

Jimi #1 – Sold and destroying waves in Brazil by my Brazilian brother, Gustavo.

Brazilian Mural

July 9, 2008

I had 2 major reasons i went to Brazil. One was for the Hacker’s wedding of course. And the second was to paint a mural in their new home. Here is the finished work by myself and the Baldulus, inspired by the beautiful scenery that surrounds their beautiful home.

Aprecíe.Deep inside.

Montanha do Elefante. (click to enlarge)

Physically back…

July 7, 2008

I landed in LAX at around 11:30 last night. I thought i might be excited to be back in beautiful, sunny California. I got home, went to bed still thinking and dreaming about my unbelievable 2 weeks of heaven and angels.  In the morning, Steep Jeep and I decided to take our beach cruisers down to the beach and get a surf, hoping to rid ourselves of our “End of Brazil Blues.” We arrived at 61st St. to find onshore, cloudy, crowded surf. After 15 minutes of contemplation, we paddled out. 20 minutes and 2 waves later, we got out and reminisced about the paradise we longed to return to. Here are some photos of our 2 week utopia that we long to return to. 


First glimpse of the Brazilian Pipeline.


First glimpse of Brazilian Angels.

Just outside our door, and just 2 blocks away.

Travel ding repair.

Leash repair.

Hacker’s Turtle Bug.

One reason to go back…

Second reason to go back…

 Reason #3.

Reason #4-12.

Biggest stadium in Southern America. (click to enlarge)

Looking down on Itacotiara. (click to enlarge)

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