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February 25, 2016


Iron Maiden

January 14, 2016

 48x48in. Acrylic/oil on canvas. 



RIP Bowie

January 12, 2016

Christmas commissioned Mr. Bowie. 2009.  14”x14” acrylic on canvas.

David Bowie

Everyday should be a hollow day. 

December 25, 2015

Christmas is once a year, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Opportunities to give happen all year long. So next year, don’t wait until the weather gets chilly, or the mountains are white with snow. Let the spirit of the Christmas season shine all year long!  Ho Ho Ho, merry Christmas! 

Locked but not loaded, yet. 

May 1, 2015

The booth is ready for ammunition. Drawings and paintings will be hung in the morning.  

 Sales start at 11am, so you’ll be able to get your Saturday lie in. Flock of Seagulls are on at 7:30pm, and Berlin follow at 8:30. That gives a good window for enjoying Yucaipa’s old town, and supporting local artists and local business. 



April 5, 2015



April 5, 2015


Good Friday. 

April 3, 2015



Surf of Venus 

March 18, 2015

One of the first paintings I did for fun. After Botticelli, birth of Venus. 

Acrylic/ water color on canvas. 24×36 

Art from Icon Series. Yucaipa.

November 22, 2014

5 paintings from the icon series are now up for viewing at the Queen Bean in Yucaipa. My first show in my new home town! The works will be up until Sunday November 30th.
If you are in the neighborhood and want a good place to stop, relax, and refuel; The Queen Bean is the spot to be. You can always find Art on the brick wall, tasty grub, comforting beverages, and good people.


Art @ rG.

December 18, 2012

The family of Related Grey have been kind enough to allow me to hang some art on the walls of their headquarters. Thank you rG, for the space, the amazing photos, and the love. Check it.

Slippin’ into darkness

February 18, 2011

This post is dedicated to “tech support.” Where would we be without it? …Darkness?


January 20, 2010

These shoes are owned by my other half… and coincidentally, they are my favorite pair i have customized so far.(sorry for the unfocussed photo.)  If you’re interested in getting a pair of customized shoes grab some paint pens or shoot me an email.

Hendrix and Marley

Mason Jennings part 2

May 4, 2009

Here are 2 more photos from the Elemental Experience down in SD. Thank you for all that came down to support the cause. Keep checking back, we are working on having an online store soon. Just bare with us.

Thanks and enjoy!

mason002Mason… smiling.


Mason putting on the finishing touches. 

Birds flying away

May 3, 2009

Signed by the man himself!


January 10, 2009

I have been wanting to revisit a painting that i did a couple of years ago. It was the first textured icon painting that inspired the rest of the series.  It was a picture of Jim done for my friend Matt Mcconnell. The process has changed a little and i have been very pleased with the evolution. Enjoy.


First of textured icon series.


Most recent of the series.


January 7, 2009

Johnny Cash commission for the Seahorse. His brother was pumped.


3ft by 3ft, Acrylic on canvas.




Psychedelic Endless Summer.

January 6, 2009

I did a commission for Mr. GrifFIN as a Christmas gift for his parents. Pretty stoked on the final outcome. Simple yet satisfying… Enjoy.



Brush stroke muscle detail.





Album Covers.

January 3, 2009

Over the holiday weeks i had a commission for a couple of quick album covers. I’m hoping for more developed album commissions in the future. Both paintings 48×48, acrylic on canvas. Enjoy.



Christmas Bowie.

January 2, 2009

Christmas commissioned Mr. Bowie. 2009

14”x14” acrylic on canvas.

David Bowie

Come With Me…

December 14, 2008

Hail Mary!


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