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The Quad Marley

April 2, 2013


This one was for MISHA! -’09

Jimi Twin

April 1, 2013


One of the first boards I shaped.  It was made it for Brasil. I almost didn’t come back.  Jimi is still there. Ripping.


March 9, 2009

Before i went to Brasil, GrifFIN and i talked about shaping up a board based off of the old Aipa stinger. It wasn’t able to accompany me on my trip, but i got it glassed as soon as i got back. Not patient enough to wait and paint it, Grif and i took it out the day it came out of Clearwater. We scored head high, slightly textured, HB, with no one out… and let me tell you this board is by far my favorite board i have. Everyone should have a Stingley in there quiver! A couple of my friends have ridden it and they all have the same reaction… Dude! That board is really fun… I’m gonna have to try it again. So, if you want a little dibble dabble on the Stingle fin, let’s go for a sesh. If you want your own Stingley, then i know the man who can shape ’em!  Check it out!



December 29, 2008

Kyle Lightnar, cruised down a couple of weeks ago and took a couple portraits of Mr. Almond and his cordless board. I took advantage of the opportunity and lined up a bunch of my boards, and he took a bunch of shots. I must say that with every roll, or photo session that Kyle does, he has never disappointed me with his results… He is constantly blowing my mind. Even if this wasn’t me, i would be incredibly stoked on it. Thanks Kyle, i never know i could look this hardcore…

maddoghetherington-1photo by Kyle.


I took this one.

Animal Part 2 of 3

December 4, 2008

I did a little addition to the already beautiful shred sled, GrifFIN so gracefully crafted. Check back in a couple of days, i am dropping it off at Clearwater, to get a gloss and polish so that it SNAP, CRACKLE AND POPS! Should have it back by friday. Enjoy!








The Animal

December 3, 2008

Picked this bad boy up today, it was shaped by my good friend GrifFin. I am in the process of painting it and will be on display at my art show on sunday. I am very excited to finish the paint job, but even more excited to surf the hell out of it!!!! Check back soon, for the finished product. Or better yet, come see it on Sunday!


GNK surfboards

November 26, 2008

Took a gander at GrifFIN’s new three stringer nose rider the other day, and decided to take a couple of shots of him doing some finishing touches. Check back for the new single fin he shaped for myself and Mr. Kyle Glydenar. I should be getting it back in the next couple of days… Can’t wait!! For more high quality shred sleds, go check out GNK Surfboards website and blog.





The Jimi Twin.

August 5, 2008

For those of you who don’t know… I relocated my studio to the cool bluffs of Costa Mesa. Since moving there i have taken a stab at shaping surfboards. Let me tell you… there is nothing like drinking a couple of brews and plowing down some foam. Here are some photos of the newest addition to my boardfolio, pre-glass. The first Jimi Twin was shaped by Abandund shaping extrordanair, Bryan Berlin. The lastest Jimi Twin was shaped by my own two hands, with the vocal guidance from Bryan. Pretty stoked on the outcome, both shape and paint!


It might look like a MR Super Twin…

But after a little bit of paint pushin’

It’s definitely a Jimi Twin.

Jimi #1 – Sold and destroying waves in Brazil by my Brazilian brother, Gustavo.

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