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Back to Joe’s

July 9, 2016

I recently was given an opportunity to be rehired at Trader Joe’s, Redlands. Thanks Brina! I have the pleasure of getting an early start on the day by doing signs and other projects with the store 99 team. Here are a few chalk pen signs. Enjoy. 

Trader Joe's sign

Mango days

Trader Joe's sign

Chips and dip

Trader Joe's sign

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the Big Apple taste

Trader Joe's sign

Breakfast champ

Soccer in Yucaipa 

November 14, 2015

Celebrate soccer in Yucaipa tonight at the YHS stadium.  Main event at 7:30.

See you there.


Locked but not loaded, yet. 

May 1, 2015

The booth is ready for ammunition. Drawings and paintings will be hung in the morning.  

 Sales start at 11am, so you’ll be able to get your Saturday lie in. Flock of Seagulls are on at 7:30pm, and Berlin follow at 8:30. That gives a good window for enjoying Yucaipa’s old town, and supporting local artists and local business. 


Unknown illumination.

April 29, 2015

I found a box of blank greeting cards in my “Mary Poppings bag”, so I decided to challenge myself and draw on one everyday. They will be for sale at the Yucaipa Arts and Music festival this weekend. All cards will be original drawings. We will be set up Friday evening and be open for business until closing time on Sunday. Cruise on through! 

Drawing on greeting card.

  Orbitals light a soft path. A hard line divides. Crashing, repeatedly; sleeeeeeep. 

Nature is on the march!

March 14, 2013


Thursday Afternoon.

March 1, 2013

Me and my buddy.

On a Sunday afternoon.

February 28, 2013


Custom painted Vans

February 15, 2013


Art @ rG.

December 18, 2012

The family of Related Grey have been kind enough to allow me to hang some art on the walls of their headquarters. Thank you rG, for the space, the amazing photos, and the love. Check it.

The T shirts are coming!

November 22, 2012

The Tshirts are coming! The Tshirts are coming!


Time-lapse mural courtesy of Related Grey

November 15, 2012

Go down to AOSA Project retail store and kill three birds with one stone. 1. See the mural 2. Purchase your gifts for the holidays and 3. Give back to your environment. Each company represented at the AOSA project store gives back in some way, shape or form to the community. Some companies plant a tree, some donate a percentage to a charity, and they have Toms shoes, who give one pair of shoes to a child in need for any pair sold. No matter what item you purchase you will make a positive difference somewhere. Go down to Hunting Harbor and ask them to tell you their story. They are located left of the Trader Joe’s entrance.

Theostyle motion mural at AOSA. from theo on Vimeo.

The JERR by Warren Heard NOW Available.

March 6, 2011

Let Warren Heard, Be Heard…


February 17, 2011

In the collection of Related Grey…

24 x 8 ft. Arcrylic/glaze on wood panel.

Theostyle Booth

May 12, 2009

Check out the booth we had at Sand Diego. We will be doing more events this summer so keep checking back for updates.


Birds flying away

May 3, 2009

Signed by the man himself!

Photo via Travis

April 13, 2009

Had a photo session this weekend with The Walrus and good friend (and photographer) Travis “Red” Whisler. Stoked see the finished product!

~photo from The Walrus’ iPhone.~

This one’s for the Walrus.

December 6, 2008

I apologize for not posting lately… i have been in full production mode, getting ready for  a big art show on Sunday. I got the Animal back from its gloss and polish, but the battery in my camera died as i was taking the pic, so i will post part 3 later. Not sure if they will be any different from the last ones, but i’ll post them anyway.  

My brother recently left for England and will be gone for over a month, visiting family. Unfortunately he will miss my show on Sunday, but the Walrus is always attending in spirit. This post is dedicated to my brother… Bummed you couldn’t be here to see it in person, but i know you’ll appreciate it none the less. Say hello to Eddie. 


Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48.


Pre-Eddie texture.

Animal Part 2 of 3

December 4, 2008

I did a little addition to the already beautiful shred sled, GrifFIN so gracefully crafted. Check back in a couple of days, i am dropping it off at Clearwater, to get a gloss and polish so that it SNAP, CRACKLE AND POPS! Should have it back by friday. Enjoy!








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