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Flippin’ O.G. Preserve

January 12, 2018

Oak Glen Preserve

Reflecting again

February 19, 2016


Oak glen, catfish pond

More flippin’ photos to come.

Wild Seed

August 23, 2015

The hit parade seems to never stop here at vinyllyfound.  Still going through the newly acquired stack of 45s this morning and was hit with a 1-2 classic soul/funk punch.  Barbara Acklin’s soul classic “Am I the Same Girl” is our third Barbara Acklin single, but so far our favorite.  This is a classic soul must have in any collection.  After Barbara put me in a daze of music euphoria George Clinton, Bootsy and the rest of the Parliament crew knocked me out with the much sampled funk classic “Flashlight”.  This track is guaranteed to bring down any house party.  And just when I thought I was back on my feet I heard the haunting voice of Wild Belle’s Natalie Bergman.  Wild Belle is a fairly new band formed by brother sister duo Elliot and Natalie Bergman.  They released their reggae/soul/jazz debut LP Isles in 2013.  They were my wife and I’s opening act at last years Outsidelands festival in San Francisco.  So I was surprised when I put on a white labeled 45 with only the stamped lettering “Nomo and Shawn Lee – Upside Down” and heard the oh to distinct voice of Natalie Bergman.  Turns out that Elliot was in the afrodub band Nomo.  Natalie only being 16 at the time started playing the occasional tambourine and backup vocals for her brothers band.  Producer Shawn Lee asked Elliot to send over a kalimba track for his new album.  Shawn Lee added some drums and bass, and sent it back to Elliot. Natalie heard the track and decided to stay up all night in the garage and add some vocals.  The rest is history and Wild Belle was born.  We are delighted to get our hands on this pre Wild Belle limited 500 print 45 which was the seed that sprouted into the fully blossomed Wild Belle.

Disclaimer: Listen at your own risk, these tracks will knock you out.  If you are pregnant consult your physician first.

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